Car Hiring Tips

Tip 1.

No matter what you may read in wedding magazines do not wait too long before booking your car, especially for weddings between June & September.

Tip 2.

You must go and see the cars on offer, pictures can be misleading. Companies that are reluctant to allow viewing should be avoided.

Tip 3.

Letters from previously satisfied customers are often an indication of a bridal company’s standard of service.

Tip 4.

Check the hire conditions carefully to ensure that there will be no extras added to your bill i.e. ribbons, flowers or service charge.

Tip 5.

Ensure that, as with us the cars have full wedding hire insurance i.e. Hire and Reward insurance not a classic car policy with no provisions for wedding hire.

Tip 6.

When hiring cars from smaller companies check that they have a comparable backup car in the event of a breakdown.